Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Description of the project

The project QUNECO – which stands for QUALITY NETWORK COOPERATION – aims at creating a strong network among 10 organisations from Europe, Asia and Latin America, wishing to host/send youth with fewer opportunities for EVS. Furthermore, the project will help youth workers gain new competences, improve the quality of youth work and enable 22 young people with fewer opportunities do EVS in another continent.
The result of the project will be a stable and sustainable network of 10 organisations, 22 EVS projects for youth with fewer opportunities abroad, follow-up EVS projects, an OPC preparation toolkit, an update of an EVS supervision training module and an improved quality of youth work. The primary target group are young people with fewer opportunities aged 18 to 30. Through EVS, they will gain new personal and professional skills, increase their employability and become more open and tolerant to other cultures. The secondary target group of the project are project coordinators and EVS staff in each partner organisation which are actively involved in work with these young people. The youth workers will gain new intercultural and professional experience during this project.
The local community in all partner organisations will also greatly benefit from the project – especially in terms of intercultural learning and tolerance. The following activities will take place during the project:
- a kick-off meeting(10 project coordinators + KERIC experts)
- EVS (22 young people with fewer opportunities)
- 3 EVS supervisions in new partner organisations (KERIC coordinator + European coordinator)
- Youthpass training (12 participants)